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Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors

Review 02/06/98 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At The Knitting Factory - New York City This was definitely a night to remember! First, SHAG (the real opening act) was snowed in somewhere, so they couldn't make it that night...DAMN!! Also, the replacement opening act, WATCH, started at 10:15pm and was okay, but not as good as SHAG.....their set ended at 11:00pm. Finally, at 11:50pm, the WOO descended upon the Knitting Factory. The WOO Warriors (minus Bernie Worrell) came out and performed a HOT 15-minute instrumental jam of "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again". The band line-up was Bernie (on crazoid keys & vocals), Greg Fitz (keys), Ronnie Drayton (rhythm and lead guitar), Mike Campbell (lead guitar), B.J. Nelson (vocals), Catherine Russell (mega-booty & vocals), Van Romaine (drums), and Donna McPherson (on bass). Halfway through the jam, Bernie joined the band members. At the end of the jam session, Catherine Russell and B. J. Nelson joined the others and performed the lyrics to "Red Hot Momma". Let me say that B. J. is a very beautiful woman!! And won't come across a booty bigger than hers!!! She's got a lot stashed in her trunk....and her face ain't bad either! The song set consisted of: Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again (instrumental jam) Red Hot Momma (vocal version) Y-Spy If You Don't Like The Effects, Don't Produce The Cause Straight Ahead Fingers Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication Comin' Round The Mountain Atmosphere Bernie's jazzy solo Comin' Round The Mountain (some more) Baby I Owe You Something Good Can You Get To That? Tear The Roof Off The Sucker Flashlight WOO-lite Mask Up For The Down Stroke ENCORE: Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples MORE WOO-LIGHTS (MORE HIGHLIGHTS): * The song "If You Don't Like The Effects" included a keyboard snippet of the nursery rhyme "London Bridge", courtesy of the WOO-Man, Bernie! * Bernie introduced us to a new track from the upcoming WOO Warriors release....the track is "Fingers". Actually, I think I heard Bernie performing this song with the group AZA at the Wetlands some time ago. "Fingers" is very good....Bernie played some weird-ass keyboard riffs on this one! I can't wait for the upcoming WOO Warriors album!! * There was some technical problems that night, especially with the equipment for Bernie's keyboards and Mike's guitar. Bernie's performance was interrupted by a loud "pop" coming from the keys & the equipment connected to it....this was during the song "Comin' Round The Mountain". At 12:50am, the band stopped playing while the sound crew investigated the problem. The crowd started chanting "Doing it...because we like it...doing it....just for fun!" repeatedly!!!! After a few minutes, Bernie tried his keys by playing "Atmosphere" and a jazzy solo. Those loud "pops" occurred a few times during the solos. At 1:05am, the problem was resolved and the band continued with "Comin' Round The Mountain". Also, during the amazing performance of "Mask", Mike Campbell's guitar amp wasn't working properly; I noticed that during the sections of the song where you'd normally hear the electrifying guitar riffs!! (I have a copy of the song on tape!) That problem took away some of the enjoyment of the song.......I hope the WOO Warriors didn't encounter the same predicament in Portchester, NY (on 2/07/98). But things got a little better towards the end of "Mask", when the tempo picked up fairly rapidly! Van Romaine was jamming!!!! * This is the first time I heard "Baby I Owe You Something Good" live and it was legendary!!! * "Can You Get To That?" is always a welcomed treat!! Every man in the crowd was singing "I wanna know" after the first line of the chorus ("Can you get...."). When Bernie asked everyone to sing the chorus, he got a really big treat......every voice in the house was loud and strong, while we sang the chorus!!! Boy, was Bernie filled with woo!!! "Can't you get....I wanna know...I wanna know if you can get to that....can you get!" * I LOVE "Flashlight" of the best Parliament tunes ever!!! Bernie also did a woo-derful version called "WOO-lite" (from the upcoming WOO Warriors album). Bernie had everyone chanting "WOO-funk is your funk!! The motherload is your funk!!" (or something like that). Bernie, your WOO DELEGATES love you!!!!! * At 2:05am, the band performed a 15-minute version of the funkthe chemistry between Bernie and his keyboard protege, LaMarr "Capt. Kronick" Mitchell, who is no longer with the WOO Warriors! DAMN! The first time I saw the WOO Warriors in NYC (on 5/10/97) was magical!! LaMarr was excellent on the keys and he worked very well with Bernie! He was just as freakish as Bernie on the keys.......not to say that Greg is light-years behind LaMarr!! Greg has some skillz ya' his performance with the 4:20 Funk Mob early in 1997 (at the Tramps Cafe in NYC). Maybe those who caught the WOO Warriors in Portchester will be able to tell us if Greg "trailed off into some freakishness", like LaMarr did at the last NYC show! This was a WOO-bulous show!!! The WOO Warriors are WOO-derful!!! WE LOVE YOU, DR. WOO-STEIN!!! YOUR WOO IS THE BEST!! TAKE MY BODY, GIVE IT THE MIND TO WOO WITH THE REST!! HIT ME WITH THE WOO AGAIN...IF YOU LIKE, HIT ME AGAIN! WE LOVE TO WOO-A-STEIN!!!! DR. WOO-STEIN......KING OF THE WOO! YEAH!! HE'LL WOO WITH YOUR MIND!!!

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